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Staying connected after your life at The Woods

Once An Owl, Always An Owl

Welcome to the heart of our cherished community! As a distinguished member of our esteemed group of 20,000 alumni, you’re already well-acquainted with the transformative journey that is a William Woods education. The blend of exceptional liberal arts education and hands-on career preparation that you experienced during your time here has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on your personal and professional growth.

But the story doesn’t end with your graduation – it’s just the beginning of a lifelong connection that we warmly invite you to nurture. We understand the value of staying connected with those experiences that have shaped your path, and we’re thrilled to offer you an open invitation to remain an active part of the William Woods family.

Imagine continuing to relish the intellectual curiosity that was ignited within our hallowed halls. Envision reconnecting with dear friends and mentors who once shared in your academic pursuits and triumphs. Picture a world of opportunities unfolding before you, all designed to foster your continued growth and success.

Through a vibrant tapestry of engaging events, enlightening publications, and a wealth of online resources, we are committed to providing you with a dynamic platform to stay engaged and enriched. Whether it’s attending thought-provoking lectures by distinguished guest speakers, diving into the pages of our insightful publications, or seamlessly tapping into a virtual realm of learning and networking, you’ll find an array of avenues to keep the flame of your William Woods experience alive.

Join us in celebrating the legacy you’ve become a part of, and the legacy you’re forging in turn. Your journey with us extends far beyond the campus boundaries, and we wholeheartedly invite you to traverse it hand in hand with fellow alumni and friends. Let’s keep the spirit of knowledge, camaraderie, and growth alive – together. Welcome back to your alma mater, where your story continues to unfold.

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Alumni Spotlight

Reconnecting in life after The Woods

“I really enjoyed the small campus environment since I came from a town of 2,000. The people were inviting and the professors cared about me as a person. It was so hard to leave everything I knew, but The Woods made that transition easier and gave me what I’ll always concider my second home!”

Isaiah Buse ’23


“From the very start the University made sure I had people looking out for me and people to go to. I genuinely felt that people cared about me on a personal level.”

Aurora Lucie Henriksen ’20

Cybersecurity Consultant

“What I found was that the atmosphere, the smaller atmosphere, plus the connections you could make, and that people knew your name, and that your professors knew you, all meant that you could really find a home at William Woods.”

Michele (Gallipeau) Markey ’82

Chief Executive Officer