Shaping the Future: Unveiling the Benefits and Process of Making an Estate Gift

Embarking on the journey of making an estate gift opens up a realm of benefits, leaving an enduring impact and securing your legacy for generations to come.

Benefits of Making an Estate Gift

  1. Leave a Lasting Legacy: Your estate gift ensures that your values and generosity endure, creating a legacy that transcends time and resonates with the causes and institutions close to your heart.
  2. Tax Relief for Your Family: Alleviate the burden of taxes on your loved ones by strategically planning your estate. A well-crafted estate gift can provide financial relief and ease the complexities associated with inheritance taxes.
  3. Potential Estate Tax Savings: Navigate the intricacies of estate planning to potentially enjoy tax savings, allowing you to allocate more of your assets towards the causes that matter most.

Estate Gift Options: Tailoring Your Legacy

Tailor your estate gift to suit your preferences and goals:

  • Gift a Specific Dollar Amount or Asset: Designate a fixed amount or specific assets in your estate gift.
  • Gift a Percentage of Your Estate: Allocate a percentage of your estate to support the causes that matter most to you.
  • Gift from the Balance or Residue of Your Estate: Contribute from the remaining balance after specific gifts have been fulfilled.
  • Make a Beneficiary Designation: Directly designate certain assets as beneficiaries, streamlining the distribution process.

Empower your legacy with an estate gift—your key to shaping the future and leaving a lasting imprint on the causes that matter most.

Learn More About Making an Estate Gift

Discover more about the art of making an estate gift through various channels:

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